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Advertising Industry Intern at large!

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to happen? Yes, and I am a firm believer that a real job should be preceded by college and an internship(s).  Regardless if you are entering the entertainment, advertising, financial or any other industry, real work and world experience are invaluable. Your long-term success is too important to leave to chance. Simply hoping that a four-year degree will position you perfectly is ludicrous. Often times it won’t, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 80 percent of 2009 graduates who applied for jobs were unable to find jobs before graduation.  Contrast that to 2008 when employers extended job offers to nearly 70 percent of their interns. I would take the latter every time. And, I did. Here is the story of James Williams’ path to employment.

Early August of my senior year at San Diego State University I felt two major emotions: senioritis and fear. First senioritis, I was completely over being in school for the last 17 years (which seemed like forever). Second, fear of the unknown. I wanted to stay in San Diego and work in the advertising industry. However, I couldn’t see into the future and guarantee my goals and ambitions would come true. These two emotions drove me to scavenge the San Diego advertising industry scene. As a result, I found the top advertising agencies that I would love to work for in San Diego.

I hammered the phones and drove a few human resource professionals to the San Diego PD to request a restraining order. The first advertising agency that gave me an interview (luckily, one on the top of my list) was an awesome advertising agency located in Bankers Hill, San Diego. I interviewed, I was confident and happy when ended. Luckily, two days later I was welcomed as apart of the AdEase team as a media intern.

I developed underneath the guidance of true professionals and experts within the advertising industry for my six-month internship.  At the end and upon the cusp of graduation, I was asked to stay on board and became a Media Coordinator at AdEase in San Diego.

Now, transforming from a student-intern to a full-fledged employee in the advertising industry takes hard work, patience and understanding. Thankfully I have an awesome team around me to guide me through the important first years of my young career. Also, I know for certain I would not be in this position today without my internship with AdEase while I was in school at San Diego State University. Overall, dream big and work hard.


James Williams
Media Coordinator
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