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A Creative’s Guide to Photo Shoots: How to Embrace the Chaos

We’ve done a photo shoot once or thrice… roughly. Below are some of what our Creative team thinks about before, during, and after each shoot. Take it with a grain of salt, no one shoot is the same. Just like a wedding, you’ll plan for everything to be perfect. It may not seem to go…

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The Power (and Art) of a Claim or Benefit

Pete Levine  |  

If the above sounds the slightest bit interesting the odds are you’re an advertising or marketing professional and at some point, you’ve been tasked with selling a product, service, or idea. If however you’re not familiar, a claim is any statement of fact that’s made on behalf of what’s being promoted to help differentiate, establish…

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Taking a Hybrid Approach to Project Management

Cory Serna  |  

When it comes to today’s project management, there are many techniques and methodologies to consider. It is based on what best suits our own organization and structure. A Hybrid Approach is becoming more and more popular as it incorporates multiple approaches. Earlier this year, I received my Certified Scrum Master certificate and learned how adopting…

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Keep Your Brand Safe With Facebook’s Brand Safety Controls

Caylee Southland  |  

It's every marketer's dream to run ads on the exact websites that your target audience is on. Fortunately, through automated online advertising, you’re able to do exactly that. But (there always has to be a but) while your ads are able to run on these particular websites, it doesn't mean these websites are ones you…

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Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo

Cristina Lee  |  

Let’s talk about how logo design can influence the consumption, thus success, of a brand. 90% of all the information we absorb is visual and this visual material is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Most of the time, people actually make unconscious judgments about what they see – whether they trust what they are…

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How & When To Run Facebook A/B Tests

Mariana Fernandes  |  

Facebook highly encourages A/B testing to help inform your campaign strategy, especially for creative changes. They have a specific tool for conducting these tests on their Business Manager platform. But is A/B testing right for your campaign? Learn more about the basics of A/B testing to find out. What is an A/B test An A/B…

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The Value of Thinking Upstream

Chris McCracken  |  

Most business leaders think of themselves as problem solvers. Clients, customers, and colleagues come to us with problems or business needs and we deliver solutions. Too often though, we only solve the symptoms of the problem rather than thinking upstream to address the origins of the problem itself. What Does It Mean to Think Upstream?…

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Tips for Designing One-Pagers

Jessica Little  |  

One-pagers or one-sheeters, depending on whether or not you are using both sides, usually share the primary function of distilling key information and presenting it on a single sheet of paper in a way that is both brief, and easy to understand. However, getting that information into a digestible, and aesthetically pleasing format can often…

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Eight Steps to a Successful Kickoff Meeting

Tiffany Carmona  |  

As the first meeting for any new relationship or project, the kickoff meeting is an essential level-setting tool that should result in clear goals, well-defined team roles and responsibilities, and reachable deadlines. If managed properly, a kickoff meeting should leave attendees feeling energized and excited. Here are eight steps to running a successful kickoff meeting:…

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Managing Your Meetings like a Boss!

Cory Serna  |  

4 Easy to Follow Tips on How to Have More Productive Meetings Meetings are a workplace mainstay and a useful tool for any type of collaboration. Whether virtual or in person, knowing how to facilitate a successful meeting is key, as momentum and topics can easily derail at any gathering of minds if not handled…

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