Monthly Archives: June 2020

What does a lift on stay at home orders look like for Civilian’s pets?

With parts of the country slowly opening back up, it’s time to start asking the important questions: What does a return to normal look like for the pets of America’s Finest City? These good boys and girls have certainly been enjoying all the extra time with their fellow humans, but what happens next? Should they be…

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Managing Your Meetings like a Boss!

Cory Serna  |  

4 Easy to Follow Tips on How to Have More Productive Meetings Meetings are a workplace mainstay and a useful tool for any type of collaboration. Whether virtual or in person, knowing how to facilitate a successful meeting is key, as momentum and topics can easily derail at any gathering of minds if not handled…

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4 Ways Social Listening Can Improve Your Advertising Campaigns

Social media has always been used as a means for brands to communicate and engage with their fans and followers. On the consumer’s side, social media is often used as a means to reach out to brands, give feedback on products, and share concerns or praises. It is easier than ever before for brands to…

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Words Are Not Enough

Over the last two weeks, the murder of George Floyd has broken our hearts, devastated our collective conscience, and sparked levels of protest and outrage our country hasn’t seen in 50 years. The eyes of the country have been opened anew to the realities of systemic racism and police brutality. And all of this against…

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