An independent West Coast agency.

Come work with people you’ll actually like.

We take our hiring process pretty seriously here at Civilian as we don’t just look to “fill” positions. It takes a special person to want to walk through our doors every morning to do what we do. We pride ourselves on hiring the smarted, most talented people in the room, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what people are saying about us on Glassdoor.

Check out the positions we have available right now to see if you’d be a great fit. If you have a dog, your chances will improve greatly.


The Civilian internship program, known as the Talent Accelerator Program (TAP), is far from the typical intern experience. Recent college grads and/or current students do REAL WORK FOR REAL CLIENTS (and of course some spec work for spec clients). They will experience agency life on a real-world basis in a real environment (no required dry cleaning pick up or nonstop coffee runs).

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