Monthly Archives: June 2017

It’s More Than Just Coconut Water and Ping Pong

Justin Palicki  |  

What is Culture? Merriam-Webster defines culture as: the set of shared attitudes, values, beliefs, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization and is manifested in behavior. Simply put, it’s the outward facing set of agreed upon standards, and it represents all of us who are in this together. It is organic, living, ever-changing and…

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Amazon: The Expedition Of The Future

Isaac Maltzer  |  

With Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods, they have set into motion an expedited battle of our times, pitting an e-commerce titan against the last relatively untouched brick-and-mortar retailers out there: grocery stores. Additionally, they are positioning themselves on a faster collision course with the likes of Walmart and Target. Aside from the ramifications this will…

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