Monthly Archives: September 2020

How & When To Run Facebook A/B Tests

Mariana Fernandes  |  

Facebook highly encourages A/B testing to help inform your campaign strategy, especially for creative changes. They have a specific tool for conducting these tests on their Business Manager platform. But is A/B testing right for your campaign? Learn more about the basics of A/B testing to find out. What is an A/B test An A/B…

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The Value of Thinking Upstream

Chris McCracken  |  

Most business leaders think of themselves as problem solvers. Clients, customers, and colleagues come to us with problems or business needs and we deliver solutions. Too often though, we only solve the symptoms of the problem rather than thinking upstream to address the origins of the problem itself. What Does It Mean to Think Upstream?…

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Tips for Designing One-Pagers

Jessica Little  |  

One-pagers or one-sheeters, depending on whether or not you are using both sides, usually share the primary function of distilling key information and presenting it on a single sheet of paper in a way that is both brief, and easy to understand. However, getting that information into a digestible, and aesthetically pleasing format can often…

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Eight Steps to a Successful Kickoff Meeting

Tiffany Carmona  |  

As the first meeting for any new relationship or project, the kickoff meeting is an essential level-setting tool that should result in clear goals, well-defined team roles and responsibilities, and reachable deadlines. If managed properly, a kickoff meeting should leave attendees feeling energized and excited. Here are eight steps to running a successful kickoff meeting:…

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