Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Internet is Forever

We’ve all heard the horror story. A high-level marketing exec, preparing for a transcontinental flight to Africa. Before takeoff she decides it would be clever to tweet some off-color remarks about AIDS and white privilege, then powers down her phone and nods off. Only to learn upon landing that the tweet went viral. She awakens…

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Too Much To Tweet: Remakes

I’m Trying to Keep An Open-Mind, Really, I Am: Heathers The Remake   You’ll notice that nobody in the world of literature is asking John Green to reimagine Wuthering Heights for a new audience, but apparently when it comes to movies, nothing is sacred. Sure, there are the occasional decent, and even sometimes good, remakes;…

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Drives Me Happy

Jessica Little  |  

Commuting doesn’t have to be the torturous event depicted in the beginning of Office Space. I mean, in the five plus years of commuting an hour each way to work and school, I can still count the number of times I’ve been passed by an elderly person using a walker on one hand. Although it’s…

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Too Much To Tweet: SaaS

I've Got A SaaS Problem The SaaS industry is a multi-billion dollar walking stick that grows by incrementally degrading our intellectual capabilities. Many consumer facing and B2B software companies push their products as 'groundbreaking new tools and features' while they are really just providing micro-modifications to our work process; honing in on very specific and…

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Too Much To Tweet: QR Codes

QR codes are like the word “fetch,” it’s not going to happen. So please, marketing world, stop.   I remember someone saying, “QR codes are the solution to a non-problem.” Besides being the opposite of aesthetically pleasing, they make engagement more difficult. Who wants to launch an app to take a picture of something to…

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Disney Joins the Stream Team

Isaac Maltzer  |  

As Bob Dylan so eloquently forecasted some decades ago, "The times, they are a-changin'.” While these sage-like words seemingly derive new meaning every day, they are equally prevalent in the entertainment industry, where changing media consumption behaviors are reshaping the way content is produced and distributed. The biggest headline this month belongs to Walt Disney…

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