Project Management

Taking a Hybrid Approach to Project Management

Cory Serna  |  

When it comes to today’s project management, there are many techniques and methodologies to consider. It is based on what best suits our own organization and structure. A Hybrid Approach is becoming more and more popular as it incorporates multiple approaches. Earlier this year, I received my Certified Scrum Master certificate and learned how adopting…

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Taking Control of Change: Change Management Principles for Uncertain Times

Stav Stein  |  

The most dangerous phrase in the English language is “we’ve always done it this way.” Change tends to get a bad reputation in our society, even though we know it’s inevitable and needed in order to evolve. In the business world, change can vary in scale and significance—from the minor project deadline or added team member,…

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Eight Steps to a Successful Kickoff Meeting

Tiffany Carmona  |  

As the first meeting for any new relationship or project, the kickoff meeting is an essential level-setting tool that should result in clear goals, well-defined team roles and responsibilities, and reachable deadlines. If managed properly, a kickoff meeting should leave attendees feeling energized and excited. Here are eight steps to running a successful kickoff meeting:…

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