What does a lift on stay at home orders look like for Civilian’s pets?

Jun 19, 2020  |  By Syed Hussain  |  

With parts of the country slowly opening back up, it’s time to start asking the important questions: What does a return to normal look like for the pets of America’s Finest City? These good boys and girls have certainly been enjoying all the extra time with their fellow humans, but what happens next? Should they be worried about separation anxiety? Will the constant walks soon come to an end? Will they finally be able to receive pats and scratches from strangers in the neighborhood? What are they most looking forward to?

We’ve reached out to members of Civilian’s Happiness Department to find out:

Wait. You’re telling me I won’t get to cuddle up with Mom all day, every day?! I can’t handle this. What am I going to do? Barking at the back door for hours on end just won’t be the same without her. Guess I’ll just have to bark at the mailman like I used to.
– Oliver

I’ve had a lot of time to train my human over these past few weeks. He’s finally obeying orders and spending time with me exclusively. He’s started buying the good treats and learned to serve me when I command. All that said, I think I’m about ready to return him to the outside world.
– Rolo

I’m just excited for the groomers to open back up. Do you see these luscious locks? Dad has done what he can, but he just doesn’t have the skills that Jean-Pierre does to make my coat shine just right. I simply cannot go out looking like this for much longer.
– Princess Bijou Marie Hussain

Sigh…I suppose it’s finally time to work off the ‘Quarantine 15’”
– Callie

“I honestly don’t care either way. Are we done here?”
– Neko

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