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Pro Bono Marketing Program for Non-profits

February 9, 2021 | by Kim Coutts | Advertising News, Agency Life, Civilian Water Cooler

Civilian Launches 2021 Pro Bono Marketing Program for Non-profits Supporting local non-profits has long been a fundamental part of Civilian’s mission strengthening communities. This year we are expanding our geographic reach to include international organizations and committing to two organizations for strategic campaign development. Both of the non-profits chosen will receive six months of integrated…

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A Creative’s Guide to Photo Shoots: How to Embrace the Chaos

January 25, 2021 | by Arthur Ebuen | Agency Life, Client Spotlight, Creative Find, How To’s

We’ve done a photo shoot once or thrice… roughly. Below are some of what our Creative team thinks about before, during, and after each shoot. Take it with a grain of salt, no one shoot is the same. Just like a wedding, you’ll plan for everything to be perfect. It may not seem to go…

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Time Well Spent

January 11, 2021 | by Madeleine Dykes | Agency Life, Corporate Responsibility

Civilians Give Back Nearly 100 Volunteer Hours in 2020 Here at Civilian, we have a relentless desire to help others. We tackle the most complex issues affecting the communities we live in and are hell-bent on making a difference by doing work that matters. As part of that belief, we provide employees with paid time…

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The Power (and Art) of a Claim or Benefit

December 9, 2020 | by Pete Levine | Agency Life, How To’s

If the above sounds the slightest bit interesting the odds are you’re an advertising or marketing professional and at some point, you’ve been tasked with selling a product, service, or idea. If however you’re not familiar, a claim is any statement of fact that’s made on behalf of what’s being promoted to help differentiate, establish…

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The Value of Thinking Upstream

September 22, 2020 | by Chris McCracken | Agency Life, How To’s

Most business leaders think of themselves as problem solvers. Clients, customers, and colleagues come to us with problems or business needs and we deliver solutions. Too often though, we only solve the symptoms of the problem rather than thinking upstream to address the origins of the problem itself. What Does It Mean to Think Upstream?…

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