Social Media: more than a fad

Jun 18, 2010  |  By Civilian  |  

You’ve seen the buzz word tossed around by new media bloggers and old media journalists alike.

Social media: it’s what you’re participating in every time you tweet, share a link on Facebook, or write a review on Yelp. It’s the most democratic form of media to date.

Many have tried to pass off social media as a fad, yet it continues its meteoric rise in both popularity and utility.

Yes, everyday there are new people tweeting about what they had for lunch, but at the same time there are more businesses–small and large–using social media to reach out to their customers and keep their online reputations in the green.

The following video goes over a number of social media statistics in an effort to prove that social media is no fad.

What are your thoughts on social media?

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