PaintCare Launches Online Video Contest

Feb 10, 2015  |  By Accepted Protege  |  

PaintCare, the innovative organization behind paint-recycling programs in six states, is excited to announce the launch of an online video contest where three popular YouTube comedy sketch video blog groups are competing for a $10,000 grand prize.

In addition to setting up hundreds of places where the public can take back old paint, PaintCare Inc., now in six states and expanding to eight states in 2015, works to spread the eco-friendly message of urging paint buyers to buy the right amount of paint, use it up, and recycle the rest.

Now, PaintCare aims to voice its message louder than ever by involving three YouTube comedy sketch groups. The contest will expand PaintCare’s message to a broader social media audience. Through the project, PaintCare hopes to raise awareness about paint recycling and help consumers find creative ways to use leftover paint.

Aligning with PaintCare’s messaging and brands, the three contracted video blog groups, SlapTV, NANOShorts Entertainment, and Recycled Babies, have put their own unique stamp on a set videos that will be posted on PaintCare’s Facebook page. The public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite video, and the one with most votes will win the $10,000 prize.

“We wanted to take advantage of the creativity of comedy sketch groups to expand our brand,” said Paul Fresina, Director of Communications at PaintCare. “Once we heard the groups’ ideas, we knew we had struck online gold. We are hoping the video contest and the winning video will help expand the reach of our message on social media where users are now spending so much of their time.”

The vote will be live on Facebook for two weeks. Starting February 16th, voters are encouraged to “like” PaintCare’s Facebook page, click the Contest tab, watch the videos and vote for their favorite video.

About PaintCare Inc.

PaintCare is the non-profit organization established by the American Coatings Association to set up and manage Paint Stewardship Programs on behalf of the paint manufacturers in states that pass paint stewardship laws (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Oregon, Maine, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont). To learn more about using up and recycling your leftover paint, or to find a paint drop-off site near you, visit

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