Marketing as a Force for Good

Jul 14, 2020  |  By Sean Connacher  |  

Recently, I [virtually] sat down with an old college buddy Heather Smith to record an episode of her podcast, Things That Are Good. Heather’s goal in the podcast is to highlight aspects of life that are positive in a not-so-positive world, through frank conversation and a few laughs. Both Heather and I have spent our careers in the advertising and marketing space, so the topic was a natural fit.

We covered a lot of ground, starting with the constantly-evolving industry – which now features agencies like Civilian who focus their work on community and awareness building for non-profit, public sector, and purposed-based clients. We debated some of the key issues facing marketers today including: 

  • Staying relevant and authentic in the midst of constant social and political change 
  • Balancing the value of data-driven promotion with consumer privacy needs across social and mobile marketing  
  • The joy of aligning behind a great idea and the struggle to disseminate it in a fragmented media market 

Finally, the conversation ended with some encouraging words on learning and growing…both within this industry and as a human being. Give it a listen here and send your thoughts or questions in the comment section.

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