Too Much To Tweet

Too Much To Tweet: Television is the New Homework

T.V. has become grown-up homework.   Everyone can relate to, “So did you watch (insert T.V. series here)? No? Well, watch it because we have to talk.” Or, “I was trying to catch up on my shows last night but I kept falling asleep.” Thanks to the pendulum swinging from Reality T.V. to the want…

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Too Much To Tweet: Good/Bad Photoshop

Jessica Little  |  

The Healing Power of Good/Bad Photoshop   I once had a professor who referred to combining two mismatched photos (see example above) as a misuse of Photoshop’s capabilities. However, I would argue that it is the ultimate use of Photoshop’s capabilities, as well as an enviable skill to possess. Have you ever tried smoothly transitioning…

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Too Much To Tweet: Potlucks

Potlucks are the most delicious and effective tool for employee satisfaction.   From beginning to end, potlucks are a source of excitement and camaraderie. What better way to tell your co-workers you appreciate them than by putting together something delicious for them to try? On the day of, anticipation brews as people arrive with their…

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Too Much To Tweet: Remakes

I’m Trying to Keep An Open-Mind, Really, I Am: Heathers The Remake   You’ll notice that nobody in the world of literature is asking John Green to reimagine Wuthering Heights for a new audience, but apparently when it comes to movies, nothing is sacred. Sure, there are the occasional decent, and even sometimes good, remakes;…

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Too Much To Tweet: SaaS

I've Got A SaaS Problem The SaaS industry is a multi-billion dollar walking stick that grows by incrementally degrading our intellectual capabilities. Many consumer facing and B2B software companies push their products as 'groundbreaking new tools and features' while they are really just providing micro-modifications to our work process; honing in on very specific and…

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Too Much To Tweet: QR Codes

QR codes are like the word “fetch,” it’s not going to happen. So please, marketing world, stop.   I remember someone saying, “QR codes are the solution to a non-problem.” Besides being the opposite of aesthetically pleasing, they make engagement more difficult. Who wants to launch an app to take a picture of something to…

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Too Much To Tweet: Twitter

Subtraction by addition.   About a month back, our social media team brainstormed an idea for a new micro-blog series. "Too Much To Tweet" is designed to give our staff a platform to speak our minds on various topics in a format that doesn't justify a full-fledged blog post, but may be a little too…

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Too Much to Tweet: The Children

Mariana Fernandes  |  

Here at Civilian, summers are cherished for one reason and one reason alone: there are no “Children.” Allow me to explain. Right behind our office are great places where some of us like to go to grab a quick, inexpensive lunch. When we moved to our current location, we would stroll out of the office…

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