Too Much To Tweet: Television is the New Homework

Nov 27, 2017  |  By Arthur Ebuen  |  

T.V. has become grown-up homework.


Everyone can relate to, “So did you watch (insert T.V. series here)? No? Well, watch it because we have to talk.” Or, “I was trying to catch up on my shows last night but I kept falling asleep.” Thanks to the pendulum swinging from Reality T.V. to the want for long-format storytelling, we are living in a beautiful world of new narratives to love, hate, cry over, and debate. I’d like to specifically thank Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon for making binging a show okay. And the grandfather of on-demand programing, the trailblazer of this movement, DVR. You started this path and the consumers of story love you, homework has never been so awesome.

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