Latinos: Marketing for the New American Reality

Jul 9, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

It seems that lately advertising to the Hispanic consumer has become more important to the marketing community than any other segment. In fact, the first advertising deals at this year’s media upfronts, was not for NBC, ABC or CBS but struck with a Hispanic media company, Univision Communications. This once niche marketing segment, is now 50 million strong but there are common misconceptions about Hispanic consumers. Here are five things you may not know about U.S. Hispanics

The majority of the Hispanic population in the US is under 35 – That is right, they are 10 years younger than their non-Hispanic, white counterparts. 75% of Hispanics are under the age of 45. Hispanic median age is 28 vs. U.S. general population is 37.

They don’t only live in CA, TX and FL – New York and Chicago are amongst the top 5 DMAs. Colorado and Nevada’s populations now have 21%+ Hispanics which is almost double from the previous census.

Hispanics are not joining the melting pot –Instead of assimilating into the U.S. culture, they are adding American wants to their traditional heritage and culture. Culture is tied to self-identity. Family, heritage and community are still very vital in the Hispanic community. 37% of Hispanic adults who were raised speaking English are learning enough Spanish to become bilingual in their adult years. 56% speak primarily Spanish at home and with friends.

Hispanics Are pioneers in new media trends – Latino’s are one of today’s most engaged and dynamic consumers. Hispanics access media from every platform available and often lead the general market as early adopters of emerging technologies. 60% of Latino households own at least one video/internet enabled cell phone. This is 17% higher than the general market.

Advertisers can reach bilinguals the same on English TV – While it is true that Hispanics remember English language advertising, the same commercial shown in Spanish increases ad recall by 30% and that Spanish speaking talent resonates 30% better with Latinos.


Overall marketers are embracing the new American reality which includes diversifying their efforts to include specific tactics that reach the various consumer segments including Hispanics.  Now they just need to ensure that their message speaks to a young, bi-lingual, gadget friendly audience.


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