Why Multi-Tasking is Your Friend

Jan 13, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

It would seem, this being 2012 and potentially the end of the Mayan calendar as we know it, there’s no time to waste if you’ve been thinking about getting your business more involved with new media. It’s time to start taking advantage of the countless options for online branding and engagement–time to think outside of the expensive email lists, to a place where there is the potential for spillover, grassroots interest-growth, and all kinds of involuntary exposure. So, before the world ends, join the revolution and start looking at your options.

For starters, read up on the Second Screen Effect. At least half of mobile device users consistently have one eye on a smartphone or tablet while the other eye watches the evening news. Meaning that instead of internet killing TV, as was predicted way back in the last decade, television marketing now has a serious opportunity to become integrated and interactive. And with DVR devaluing the traditional commercial spot, companies are looking at utilizing pop-ups during programmed minutes.  Programs from American Idol to CSI: Miami are already using Twitter to create a fan-base conversation in live time. That said, networks have started to realize how lucrative the second screen effect can be, and it can absolutely be yours for a fee.

Selling the bottom left-hand corner of the TV screen will soon become common place, which means the time for planning is now. Networks have begun working with second-screen notification marketing, and viewers appreciate the chance to engage. With check-ins, re-Tweets, hashtags and QR codes, the ability and speed with which we can gain time-sensitive metrics and demonstrate ROI is increasing daily.

A purveyor of simple pleasures, I tend to find technology gimmicks fascinating. And you better believe that if interacting is as simple as pointing my phone at the TV… well, I’m willing to try anything twice.


Katherine Timm
Director of Business Development
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