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Nov 7, 2016  |  By Peter Billias  |  

Understanding the dynamics of social media is critical to the success of today’s marketer. In our Digital Travelscape series, we will examine the changing tides in digital marketing to highlight emerging trends that impact how travelers make buying decisions. Follow Civilian throughout this journey and discover new insights and approaches to your travel & tourism marketing.

Social media continues to revolutionize the way consumers make purchases, businesses operate, and, us marketers, reach audiences. Content and brand are no longer developed by companies, but by consumers. Check-ins, online reviews, photos, and posts uploaded to social media  are shaping the public perception of businesses.

“Let us be clear – content may be king, but it is user-generated content that truly wears the crown in today’s travel market.”  

To put the penetration of social media into perspective: The global population is roughly 7.4 billion people, and of those, 2.1 billion (29%) are active, mobile social-media users. Additionally, the average person checks their mobile device an average of 95 times per day (somewhere between every 7 to 27 minutes). The frequency of interaction an average consumer has with their mobile device opens up enormous potential for us to build rapport with them through social media, and as a result, guide their buying decisions.

Active Social Media Users

Driving engagement through various social media channels is necessary to thrive in today’s global market and no sector of the economy has been more significantly affected by social media than travel & tourism. For the 5th successive year, the growth of travel & tourism has outpaced that of the world economy. The effect of social media influence has been revealed in research studies showing evidence that more than 70% of consumers are likely or very likely to plan a trip based on someone else’s vacation photos or social media updates. Let us be clear – content may be king, but it is user-generated content that truly wears the crown in today’s market.

Civilian understands what sparks and fuels consumer movements in the travel & tourism sector. Our weekly blog posts will explore the effects of social influencers, curating immersive escapes, the mobile first mindset, leveraging social sharing, and more.

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