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Tapping into Agency Life

Digital TAP  |  

Intro to TAP Program: Civilian’s Talent Accelerator Program (TAP for short), is an intensive 90-day paid internship program for recent college grads or current students. TAPs get the opportunity to do real work for real clients, and work together as our own micro-agency. We experience agency life hands on and at the end of our…

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Creative AP  |  

When I started off as a college student, I always asked people what I could do to increase my chances of finding a job right after graduation. Often times, I found that the only advice they would offer me was to have a couple of internships under my belt. Now, I’ll admit I was always…

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AdEase AP Journal #3

Accepted Protege  |  

I consider myself fortunate in having had the opportunity to gain lots of experience before recently graduating college. What's more, the opportunities I've had learning in my field have been in working with real clients and products, allowing me to grow my professional portfolio to something I can be proud to call my work. Though all…

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