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CTV vs. OTT: Did I say it right?

June 10, 2022 | by Mariana Fernandes | CTV, Digital Trends

The advent of streaming services in the past decade has completely transformed the way we consume entertainment. Initially a lot of people switched to streaming to save money and escape the advertising-heavy world of TV, but now ads are slowly trickling into streaming services as a way for companies to make additional revenue from usership….

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Facebook no longer limited to the living.

February 13, 2015 | by Accepted Protege | Advertising News, Digital Trends

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your social media accounts after you die? For the people that have lost loved ones, this has been a delicate and frustrating process to go through. After some years of users complaints, Facebook announced the introduction of a new feature that allows for users to designate a…

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Speak on it: Why now more than ever, your opinion matters

August 31, 2010 | by Civilian | Digital Trends

We’ve all got our favorite brands, whether it’s a type of cereal, a line of clothing, or a favorite musical artist. And more than anything, you can bet that we’ve got our opinions about them. Our opinions are the things that drive brands to succeed; we buy a product, we like it, we come back…

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Location-Based Advertising: Real-time Relevance

July 8, 2010 | by Civilian | Digital Trends

How advertisers can (and will) reach you at the exact right moment

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Facebook beats Google

March 23, 2010 | by Civilian | Digital Trends

In case you hadn’t heard, Facebook is now the most visited website in the United States, according to analysts at Hitwise. In the 2nd weekend of March, Facebook snuck ahead with 7.07% of U.S. web traffic, barely beating Google’s 7.03%. So what does this mean to advertisers? Simply stated, it’s time to stop putting all…

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