Mobile Deals: East Coast vs. West Coast Mobile Shoppers

Aug 23, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

Sense Networks, a mobile research and analytics company, recently gathered data that compares mobile CTR (click through rates) between East Coast and West Coast consumers. They wanted to compare shopping habits and find out what makes mobile users click on a given ad.  Mobile advertising has been gaining a lot of attention from consumers as of late due to the fact that mobile ads are starting to gain a reputation for saving consumers money.

Mobile Shoppers are more likely to click these mobile deals:

East Coast

• Optical and Eye Doctor

• Education, Art and Photography

• Nightlife

• Restaurants

West Coast

• Manicure/Pedicure and Pilates

• Travel

• Food and Drink

• Health and Fitness (golf, dance, boot camp)


While this information is limited, I found it very telling. I concluded that East Coast mobile shoppers are people that have problems seeing the art and photography that are staged at the night clubs they go to.  They get so frustrated at the fact that they aren’t able see the art and photography clearly that they leave the club and eat some comfort food at the restaurant next door to calm them down. They repeat this process every weekend.

West Coast mobile shoppers spend so much time banging their finger nails on their phones that they are forced to get constant manicures, but not just any manicure specialist, they have to fly to Vegas for the best on the West.  As they arrive in Vegas and are heading to the manicure specialist they get swayed by all the pretty lights and end up eating and drinking at all the fancy bars.  They get so caught up in the hype, they forget to even get the manicure and fly back 4 days late after binge eating and drinking.  They then feel so carb-loaded and out of shape that they sign up for a boot camp and repeat the cycle again next month.

(Updated by AdEase @ 2:55pm) *These conclusion might not necessarily be backed up and fortified with facts. Nor, do they represent AdEase’s opinion and anybody else’s opinion for that matter besides the opinion of Chad.  What we are trying to say is the last two paragraphs of this blog post should not be taken seriously.  Seriously.

(Updated by Chad @ 3:01pm) **This is Chad.  Of course everything I do and say is backed up by facts. I don’t know what the first “*” above is talking about.

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