iOS 6 to Boost Mobile Targeted Advertising

Sep 21, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

Apple announces iOS 6 and iPhone 5 and the crowd goes wild. The new update has very cool and useful features. The software update includes new features like vector-based Maps for better graphics and Passbook, which directly challenges Google Wallet. Also, the iPhone 5 improves its screen size and resolution, which creates benefits to the average YouTube consumer and many more.

VP of product at Celtra, Matevz Klanjsek, recently spoke of the positive affect iPhone 5 and iOS 6 will have on mobile advertising. “With larger screen size and the same aspect ratio as the one available on most Android smartphones, the iPhone 5 will make it easier for advertisers to create one ad and run it across both platforms,” he told MacNewsWorld. “But much bigger changes for mobile advertising are coming not only with the new iPhone but with iOS 6.”

One of the major issues with mobile advertising is the lack of knowing who the mobile user is, what they’ve seen and where they have been. More specifically mobile advertisers need ID’s to get reporting on performance metrics like click through rates (CTR). And that’s where iOS 6 comes in.

With iOS 6, Apple devices embrace a new and smarter ID termed IFA (identifier for advertising). This new ID system attempts to meet users and advertisers in the middle. First off, IFA resides in the settings of a users phone; therefore, they have the power to opt out of IFA. This is called “limit advertising.” This is differentiated from the old UDID system that was built into the hardware. However, privacy issues tormented the old system especially after the linking of nearly a million Apple device ID’s.

On the other hand, IFA will increase the effectiveness of mobile targeting and re-targeting within apps. Also, it is expected that advertisers will be able to get access to the camera and video libraries. However, the discrepancy continues within the realms of the daunting mobile browser, which IFA cannot help savvy mobile advertisers target their desired users.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction for all parties. However, this is still a transition period since users with older Apple devices are unable to download the new software update.


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