Happy Social Media Day!

Jun 29, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

Today is Social Media Day! To commemorate this holiday, tell us your thoughts. What do you think about social media? What do you like? Dislike? How has it affected your relationships? How much time do you spend on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest on average? How do you feel about the relationship status? How public/private is your FB page? Do you Tweet? Do you FB stalk? (Totally ok if done in moderation) How often do you see your FB friends or Twitter followers in person? How do you feel about parents being on your page? Parents, how do you feel about being on your kids page? Have you ever been asked out or dumped via social media? How do you determine what is likeable or Tweet worthy?  Have you ever caught yourself thinking about something in reality in terms of whether or not you would “like” it? Do you blog?  Is your communication different through social media than it is in person?  Have you ever lied on your profile?  Have you ever created a duplicate profile to help separate out your friends from your “friends”? Ready, set, go!

Sarah Matley
Account Coordinator
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