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Google Wants Customers to Buy Products Straight from YouTube Ads

Jun 1, 2015 | by Accepted Protege | Advertising News, Digital Trends

YouTube will launch a new feature that will enable the viewers to buy products straight from YouTube videos. This new feature will be part of the “TrueView” video ads which have increased advertisements’ popularity on YouTube.

The “TrueView” advertising feature was launched three years ago.  “TrueView” works by letting viewers skip the ad after the first five seconds have passed. That way, Advertisers only pay for the ad if the viewer watches the ad for more than thirty seconds. However, advertisers’ feedback from this feature was that they wished it was more interactive with the consumer.

Google saw a big opportunity after getting this feedback from advertisers. Google just announced that they will be launching “cards” on YouTube which will be a way for the consumer to shop straight from a YouTube ad by linking them to Google Shopping just with a click. YouTube “TrueView” will charge advertisers only for interactions with customers. YouTube will bill for either a full view or a click. YouTube chose this method of charging since a click means that there is customer’s interest on the product or service offered.

Google’s “cards” idea is meant to make advertising more interactive and therefore, more efficient. With “cards”, YouTube ads will cost more since more advertisers will want to advertise on this platform based on its efficiency.

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It is important to mention that “TrueView” works in desktop and mobile platforms and since “cards” is built from “TrueView”, this new feature will also be available to use in both platforms. Having “cards” on mobile platform is crucial for YouTube since half of their traffic come from mobile devices.

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