Do You See What I See

Jul 2, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

Whenever a new creative project kicks off, there’s usually a myriad of opinions floating around.  The client knows what they want but lacks the skill or ability to produce the visual in their head, or doesn’t know what they want but knows clearly what they don’t want.  The Account Manager feels responsible for pleasing the client so they have their interpretation of what the client wants and what would be best.  The Creative Director leads the Creative Department and as such feels like an authority on the matter and wants to spin their own creative interpretation of the request.  All three opinions (though potentially very different) may be great, but whose is the most important?  Answer- None of the above.

The most important opinion is the consumer’s.  The consumer is the one that will be looking at the advertisement, and most will not care or even notice the amount of work you put into it, or the strategy behind why you chose those colors and characters, and won’t care.  What they care about is whether it is aesthetically pleasing, and if it makes them want to purchase the product/join the movement/whatever your ad was asking them to do.

The same as in life, it’s easy to think that what we are trying to communicate and how we communicate it are the most important details, when really, the majority of our communication success lies in how our communication was perceived.  The most effective communication comes through selflessness- meaning the best communication comes with thinking like your audience.  People respond to things they connect with.  If you want to reach your consumer, learn about them, think like them, speak to not at them.


Sarah Matley
Account Coordinator
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