Will TV Push Your Buttons?

Mar 3, 2010  |  By Civilian  |  

TV is generally considered one-way communication. As an advertiser, it gives you a chance to show your target market what your company stands for, what you offer, and what makes you different. It lets you try to build an image for your brand.

The reality of branding is different. Brands are built on relationships, perceptions, and images that live within the hearts and minds of your target market. One-way communication gives you an opportunity to try to shape those images. But it doesn’t always work.

And that makes some advertisers feel uncomfortable.

What makes some advertisers feel even more uncomfortable is voluntarily giving up control of the brand experience to the target audience. New advances in cable TV might do just that.

In an effort to differentiate itself from “the broadcast model,” cable operators and other groups are pursuing a fabled dream: interactive TV. Not only do they want a system that allows viewers to interact with TV ads, but they also want something with concrete performance tracking and metrics so they can be released from the grip of GRPs.

Multichannel News highlights some of the potential of these interactive ads. It also shows some current struggles in building consistency among cable operators.

Do you believe in the promise? Would you interact with TV ads? Or would you just walk away to make popcorn?

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