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TiVo and Tebow Team Up

Nov 15, 2012 | by Civilian | Advertising News

Photo source: Official TiVo blog

It was only a matter of time.  What is it about wordplay that is so endearing?  Who doesn’t love the Geico Gecko or Sprints ability to prevent your husband from bringing home Shamu?   Tebow says his latest endorsement is unrelated to the similarity in names, but I can’t help but think that it’s not a coincidence- someone decided to exploit the opportunity. (In one of the more euphonious celebrity endorsement deals of recent years, the football player Tim Tebow is to be announced on Wednesday morning as the new “brand ambassador” for TiVo.)

Personally, not being a huge NFL fan, (i.e. not knowing a single thing about the game of football) I referred to Tim Tebow as Tim TiVo for months before someone overheard me and felt the need to correct me.  (Don’t judge- there have to be at least a few people left in this world who still don’t even know who Tim Tebow is)

Since Tebow’s been spending a greater amount of time with the bench since his recent trade to the Jets, I think he’s smart to take advantage of endorsement opportunities.  I predict that these endorsements will keep him in the limelight while he fights his way back to the top of Football Fame.  I may not know much about football- but I can recognize an attractive and ambitious man of integrity and devotion when I see one.

Sarah Matley
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