The Week in Search: April 05, 2013

Apr 5, 2013  |  By Ron Wesson  |  

We do the work so you don’t have to. Listed below are the top news and blog posts relating to the world of search and internet marketing. Click each link to read the full article at the original source.

Bing Ads Responds to Google Enhanced Campaigns
Bing Ads finally responds to questions and speculation as well as what is at the core of the new Google Enhanced Campaigns in an arguably spectacular way.

Facebook Home Phone
After a few weeks of speculation  Facebook announced Facebook Home, which is basically Facebook backed into an Android phone – aka a Facebook phone. How does it differ?

Awkward: Microsoft Rips Facebook, Says Windows Phone Is Real “People First” Device
It was pretty obvious that both Google and Apple had reasons not to like Facebook’s push into the phone space yesterday. But while those companies haven’t voiced any concerns publicly, Microsoft — a Facebook investor and partner — let loose with a blog post saying it has a “people first” phone for those who want the “real thing.”

Google Analytics Real Time Gets Four New Features
Google announced they added four new features to their real time Analytics. The new features include: analyze Events in real-time, breakdown real-time by desktop/tablet/mobile traffic, create shortcuts to your favorite real-time segments, and compare real-time filtered data against overall real-time data.

LinkedIn Company Page Bugs; Fixes Coming Soon
Have you been having trouble with your LinkedIn company page?  There have been two bugs these past few weeks that have impacted the visibility and potential traffic you may be getting from LinkedIn, especially from your company page.

Google Claim No Need To Hit The Link Panic Button Just Yet
Amid all of the Google algorithm updates and alterations that we have seen become more frequent, fear has started to creep in for a large number of website owners that have found that their site is being linked to by a third party site that appears to be selling links.

The Fallacy Of SEO Ranking Reports: How To Better Spend Your Time & Effort
Are ranking reports essential for performance monitoring of SEO efforts?  There are strong — and relevant — opinions on both sides of the debate.


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