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The Top 5 “Top 5” Lists of ALL Time

Mar 12, 2013 | by Ron Wesson | Civilian Water Cooler, Digital Trends

The Top 5 of Top 5s
Lists. Oh, how we love them! Everything from Night of 100 Stars to The FBI’s 10 most wanted, Americans just can’t seem to get enough of them. Lists give our otherwise arbitrary and mundane lives order and meaning; all while keeping things snappy and concise. This frees us up for more important endeavors such as watching a marathon of The View on cable or reorganizing our sock drawer.

We also love blogs. And man, when blogs met lists, it was a party of Spring Break proportions. Anybody with a computer, an opinion, and an ability to count can now crank out material like the world’s going to end. Which, as we found out, apparently isn’t as imminent as we may have at first thought. (I’m looking at you, Mayans!)

So, in the spirit of counting, blogs, and the apocalypse (why not?), I bring you – The Top 5 “Top 5” Lists of ALL Time. These brainchildren of the bloggersphere were handpicked like organic produce especially for you. So sit back, grab a glass of one of your top 3 beverages, and enjoy.


Viral Video Montage5) The Top 5 Viral Videos of All Time.
Forget about Charlie the Unicorn, Charlie Bit Me, or any other title featuring Charlie. This totally arbitrary list of the internet’s Top 5 viral delicacies reaches way back to a time when the ‘net was wild and woolly.


4) The Top 5 Ridiculous Reasons Why Individuals Were Fired.Why Was I Fired
You might want to read this before you decide what color turtleneck to wear to work tomorrow. The positive effect is that we may now have a precedent to get rid of that moron in the office who keeps sending out his email in all caps.


scared cat3) The Top 5 Ugliest Animals of the World.
Sure, sometimes things are so ugly that they’re cute. But sometimes, things are just ugly.


Whale Vomit2) The Top 5 Weirdest Beauty Cream Ingredients.
I know what you’re thinking and yeah, it’s on the list.


telly-savalas-greeting-card-19202-p1) The Top 5 Bald Actors.
I don’t know why Americans love bald actors as much as we do. Maybe it’s because we aren’t distracted by hair and can concentrate on their skills. Or maybe it’s because they sometimes resemble a roll-on deodorant and we like being reminded not to smell bad.


Not that you deserve it, but I’m including an extra bonus entry for no additional charge:
The Top 5 Articles about Why We Love Writing Lists


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