The Society of Good Taste

Nov 9, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

I am highly skeptical of Facebook apps and am the first to close out of any page that wants access to my information or to post on my behalf.  Though I have snuffed and blocked countless app requests, I just couldn’t resist Grey Poupon.  Yes, you read correctly.  I threw my Facebook app morals out the window for a silly jar of mustard.

I think it was maybe my pride that did me in.  Telling me that I had to “cut the mustard” and be approved to like their page.  That if I was not deemed worthy or lacked good taste, my “like” would be rescinded.  Of course I would make the cut.  Who are you to tell me that I am not tasteful enough to like your trivial yellow goop?  When the Society of Good Taste first commenced, I rejected their app request because I’m better than them anyway.  But as time ticked on, there was this nagging pull running deep inside of me beseeching me to prove to not only myself but to everyone around me that I, Sarah Michelle Matley, CAN cut the mustard!

But I digress.  The moral of this slightly hyperbolic blog post is that exclusivity, teamed with curiosity, with a dash of creativity, makes for a delicious ad spread.

Oh- and I totally made the cut.  As if it was ever really a question.


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