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Aug 27, 2012 | by Civilian | Advertising News

I don’t always write interesting blogs, but when I do, I prefer to blog about Dos Equis.  If you’re a commercial junkie like me, I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the most interesting man in the world.  But a television icon can only take a brand so far.  To really reach deep into your demographic, you have to take to the streets. That is why starting this week, Dos Equis is road-tripping to a city near you (They will be in San Diego from October 3-13) to serve up such delicacies as alligator tail empanadas, jellyfish baguette, or grilled kangaroo.  Yum.

Everything about this campaign is interesting smart. The copywriting is genius.  What sets this brand apart from the countless other beer companies in the world?  They’re different.  They’re interesting.  Rather than showing scantily clad women and frothy glasses like every other beer ad, they went deeper in appeal to the male psyche with the message of “Drink Dos Equis and your life will be interesting. You will be more interesting. Don’t just stay thirsty for beer, stay thirsty for life.”  On and off screen this brand is not just marketing a beer, but a movement to do something unheard of.  Is it over-dramatic for me to classify a beer campaign as a movement?  Maybe, but who doesn’t want to be inspired to do something exotic, even if through a satirical fictional manly man.

What is the most interesting thing I’ve learned from the world’s most interesting man?  If you want to be successful in life, you have to try new things.  Put on your big girl shoes, take a big bite of your jellyfish baguette and dare to be interesting.


Sarah Matley
Account Services Coordinator
Mood: Fearless


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