Technology could have saved me a $1,000

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The classy city of San Diego is home of many colleges and three major universities: San Diego State University, University of California San Diego, and University of San Diego. On these campuses and many others throughout California and the United States, students live dirt cheap and survive on ramen noodles, tap water and other bare essentials. However, a technological investment could save students hundreds of dollars in the long run. Renting or buying books on tablet devices is cheaper and can help the environment.

The cost of books is outrageous. The majority of students spend upwards of $500 per semester on books. They are heavy, burdensome to carry around, and students only need them for a short period of time. However, with new devices like the iPad and Kindle, students are able to rent/purchase books at an affordable rate. Currently, eBooks purchased off of iBooks are $14.99 or lower. Also, they can easily store every book on one easy to carry device. As a result, this will save innumerable trees.

Despite access to this great new technology, a few problems still exist. First, iPads and Kindles can be very expensive. Also, the iBooks store and Amazon bookstore don’t have every textbook, but their publication list is growing every day. Lastly, reading a book can sometimes be refreshing after countless hours in front of a screen.

These minor issues notwithstanding, educational institutions, professors and students must embrace technology. With continuously rising costs in education, students are graduating with the financial equivalent of a mortgage, not just a diploma. With the extensive amount of technology available, you would think that education costs would be plummeting. After all, institutions can teach more students in more efficient ways than ever before, yet costs continue to rise. But, embracing technology, like the iPad or Kindle, can save students mucho dinero.

This being said, the upside for marketers is that these technologies provide infinite advertising opportunities. But, we will save that topic for a different discussion.


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