Super Bowl: The Morning After Edition

Feb 6, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

I can’t really let this opportunity to discuss Super Bowl commercials pass me by. Oh—and congratulations to the Giants, I guess. But I can be honest enough with myself to admit that I am part of the 58% of women who are glued to the TV when most of our husbands are headed to the fridge for another beer.

Naturally, I want to pretty much exclusively discuss that David Beckham H&M ad. (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.) But I guess I will take a time out from that daydream and applaud a few other marketing departments. So let’s break down a couple other highlights:

Coca Cola Polar Bears. Who doesn’t love the polar bears? They’ve been on our screens for years, and they are seriously charming. But Coke is keeping up with the times. Nielsen estimated that 60% of the 100 million viewers on Sunday were interacting with ads via a mobile device or computer (second-screen media—didn’t I tell you?!). So if you did check in online, you would have seen that Coke designed a polar bear living room, where the fuzzy guys were reacting to other commercials in real-time. Don’t you love this idea? I LOVE this idea.

Matthew Broderick’s Day Off – In a Honda. Honda made a genius move by releasing that 10-second teaser a week before the Super Bowl. Genius for the obvious reason that people were waiting for this spot to air. And while people will remember more about Mr. Rooney than the newly redesigned CR-V, Honda gets points for pop culture references and putting a smile on my face.

Clint Eastwood. Props out to the Motor City for this ad. First off, who doesn’t like Clint Eastwood? Secondly, if Clint Eastwood tells you to do something… well, I mean, the man can be a scary son-of-a-gun. This ad tugged at nostalgic and nationalistic heartstrings I didn’t even know I had. Most importantly, Chrysler knows their demographic: the Gen X grown-ups who have the cash to shell out on a new car. Three cheers for that!

Right. Blogger out. I’ll be going back to thinking about David Beckham now.


Katherine Timm
Director of Business Development
MOOD: Thinking about Mr. Beckham—nuf said.


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