Super Bowl 2014: The Best and Worst Ads of this Year’s Super Bowl

Feb 3, 2014  |  By Civilian  |  

Despite the much anticipated, yet relatively uneventful Super Bowl this year, the Seahawks victory Sunday night was the most watched TV program in U.S. history. The Broncos seemed to seal their fate during the first quarter, so why did so many continue watching the game through its entirety? Well, that question is easily answered with a little math. About half of all Super Bowl viewers are watching the game for the beer and chicken wings, and the other half are watching the game for the commercials (and some percentage in there is actually watching the game for the football). So let’s take a look at some of the best and worst advertisements of this year’s Super Bowl.


4. Coca-Cola “America The Beautiful”
Despite the fact that I am a proud Pepsi drinker, I found this ad to successfully showcase our pride as Americans, while also showing the beauty and diversity that America represents.


3. Microsoft “Empowering”
The first time watching this ad, I found it a surprising choice from Microsoft.
After the second viewing, however, I saw the ad as deeply inspirational with technology’s “power to unite us.”


2. Cheerios “Gracie”
This Cheerios ad brought both humor and emotion together in one successful
“story” told through Cheerios cereal, and is certainly a win for the General Mills brand.


1. Budweiser “Puppy Love”
This crowd-favorite ad follows the adorable relationship between a puppy and a horse as #BestBuds. With nearly 40 million views already, this ad is a sure success for Budweiser.



4. Turbo Tax “Love Hurts”
Starting off strong, this ad for Turbo Tax caught my attention, only to try and convince me that doing my taxes was more enjoyable than watching the Super Bowl. What?


3. Axe “Axe Peace – Love Not War”
Without having any idea what the commercial was advertising, I saw the idea as clever and even a bit romantic, until I discovered it was an ad for Axe Body Spray. For a product primarily used by teen boys, I found this ad as both bizarre and ill fitting towards its target audience.


2. Maserati “Ghibli – Strike”
With Maserati being in the top tier of luxury vehicles, I found the introduction of their new sedan by ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ star Quvenzhane Wallis wildly inappropriate, as she seemed to be talking as her character, a young girl who was in poverty and hard times. The correlation between being an underdog and owning a luxury sports car did not seem to work overall.


1. GoDaddy “Bodybuilder”
I believe the first time I heard of GoDaddy was because of a horrendous Super Bowl commercial, and again, they did not disappoint. If I did not know of GoDaddy prior to watching this commercial, I certainly wouldn’t after watching this ad.

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