Riley’s Rant on Gender Marketing

Dec 30, 2011  |  By Civilian  |  

In the latest YouTube sensation “Riley on Marketing”, a 5-year-old going on 50 explains her point of view on gender marketing.

In this pint sized but right-on rant, Riley expresses her frustration with the toy industry, marketers, and society’s perpetuation of gender stereotypes.

Walking the girl’s aisle of the toy store with her father, Dennis Barry, she tells him, and his camera, “It wouldn’t be fair for all the girls to buy princess and all the boys to buys superheroes cause boys want super heroes and the girls want superheroes. Some boys like princesses.”

She explains how companies try to ‘trick’ girls into buying pink female-appropriate toys rather than male-targeted toys.

Riley’s rant has gone viral because she is a) super cute and b) super right. Many advertisers, especially those in the toy industry, are marketing their products based on 1920’s style “market research” and gender conventions. Agencies going after the young (and old) need to reevaluate their gender marketing tactics if they plan on appealing to the growing number of Rileys in the world.

As a former G.I. Joe and Ninja Turtles loving tomboy, I say… YOU GO GIRL! Let us know when you start college, Riley. AdEase is always looking for bright unorthodox young marketers for our internship program.

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