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Is Programmatic Advertising Taking Over TV?

Jun 25, 2014 | by Accepted Protege | Digital Trends

Digital, digital everywhere, and not an impression to spare.

As TV becomes increasingly more digital, programmatic advertising has become more prevalent.  The concept behind programmatic advertising does not concentrate on what the viewers are actually watching, but who the viewer is and how many digital platforms it can be disseminated across. Mark Zeigler, VP of Business Development at Cox Media believes that media buyers are going to start buying audiences rather than caring about where they are going to run precisely. For instance, a buyer would order TV spots by the demographic of 25-34 year old men who are sports fans. If Mr. Zeigler predicts correctly, this could be a huge shift for media buying.

The downside? This type of buying is still so young that there is “no telling whether the consumer on the other side is the target for an ad for sugary cereal or his older brother or his grandma.”  It’s not a system that is compatible with rapid-response ad exchange, even though the idea behind programmatic buying is purely data-driven.

What does this mean for big ad-holding companies? Is the shift in digital TV, shifting the way that advertising is executed across platforms? Do we really care what channels ads are seen on, or do we only care about who sees it? And is this data reliable for digital TV, when many households have shared accounts?

I guess we will find out. Until next time.

Brianna Blackwell

Media AP

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