Our Education in Career Education

Aug 21, 2018  |  By Arthur Ebuen  |  

In the world of higher education, community college is looked at as a stepping stone to a 4-year institution, a way station to a complete education before starting a fulfilling career. This point-of-view couldn’t be further from the truth, and further from the full potential of what a community college offers through Career Education.

With demand for more options and less time to commit, we wanted to highlight real stories of those who have taken advantage of what Career Education offers. These are just a couple of videos that show how students took control of their lives and their financial future.

Through Career Education, a person can get hands-on experience and be career-ready in roughly 18-24 months. What’s more, these are high-paying, sought after jobs.

Learn More. Earn More.

In 2017, San Diego and Imperial Counties had 1,583,115 jobs available, 38% of which were middle-skills focused, the exact training offered in Career Education. These jobs range from Advanced Manufacturing to Global Trade to Life Sciences and Biotechnology. And at $46 per credit (or sometimes free altogether), getting a fulfilling career is not only a couple of years away but is also very affordable.

With over 200 programs to pick from 10 community colleges, the idea of choosing a career path can be daunting. So, we created a site to compile all the options for a prospective student, where they can use the Finder to help filter by ZIP code, sector of interest, program, degree, or school. Visit CareerEd.org to learn more about your options in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

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