The Next Generation of Mobile Apps

Sep 11, 2014  |  By Accepted Protege  |  

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With the unveiling of the Apple Watch on Tuesday, the race for the next “big thing” in mobile apps is officially on. Apple was quick to announce the applications provided in their WatchKit already available on the Apple Watch upon its launch in 2015, some of which include the obvious Facebook and Twitter, but also a few somewhat unexpected companies stepping in early such as Pinterest, BMW, American Airlines, and Starwood Hotels.

The big hump for companies to clear in entering the app market for the Apple Watch and other wearable technology devices is not only to redesign for a whole new layout, but more importantly, establish a function that makes sense for existence on a watch. Under speculation, even mega apps like Facebook and Twitter face a mild threat of obsolescence on the watch because who wants to scroll through a newsfeed on a 42mm display when you  can go through it and post far more easily from your phone? An example of excellent use of a new app on the Apple Watch is the Starwood Hotels app which will allow users to lock and unlock their hotel doors with the tap of their wrist as oppose to using traditional key cards. This is the type of thinking that now needs to go into mobile app development. This is the beginning of a new era of mobile apps.

What effect will this have on the current mobile app market? Will wearable technology begin to diminish the popularity of apps as we know them, replacing them with apps designed to physically interact with the world around us? And as we move forward with more interactive apps and media that are literally attached to the body, how will this affect the digital advertising landscape? These are all questions that I unfortunately don’t have the answers to. But in time, we will see how far down the rabbit hole wearable technology takes us.

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