Need Some Global Good News?

Apr 2, 2020  |  By Kim Coutts  |  

Today rather than focusing on the number of coronavirus cases exploding around the world, check out the global Good Deeds Tracker on The Tracker highlights stories from all over the world as a reminder that acts of kindness, no matter how small, create a ripple effect that can lift us all up especially during hard times.  

The kindness movement was inspired by Blake Davis who was nearly three years old when he lost his battle with pulmonary hypertension. During his illness, people asked the Davis family how they could help. In lieu of tangible gifts or a GoFundMe page for medical expenses, Blake’s parents focused on increasing the positivity around their little boy by asking friends and family to do a good deed in Blake’s honor and share their story. The movement took off and the website now features a live interactive tracker highlighting the people and places that have been touched by the toddler’s legacy of positivity.

Blake has inspired good deeds across the United States and Mexico and as far away as Spain, Tanzania, Ukraine, Costa Rica and the Philippines.  Some examples of kindness during crisis include:

“Blake Bowls” for People in Need – A restaurant in Rockwall Texas, Ramen Head, has been making free meals and allowing customers to donate meals to support community members in need. Despite their own struggle to get by, they created “Blake Bowls” and are showing the spirit of giving.

Sharing Lunch at the Veteran’s Hospital – A social worker at the Veteran’s Hospital—helping others every day while trying to stay healthy despite her own autoimmune diseases—bought lunch for the elderly man behind her in line who was trying to get a healthy meal with just $3.  After sharing lunch and Blake’s story, he promised to pay it forward as soon as he gets his social security check.

Delivery Groceries to Elderly Neighbors — A woman in San Diego is buying and delivering groceries for her elderly neighbors who have been waiting days for grocery delivery services to catch up.

The site also features downloadable kindness cards to share during acts of kindness. Why not download one today and focus on sharing some kindness as we all work together to stop the spread of this virus.

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