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Moving to an Augmented Future

Feb 23, 2010 | by Civilian | Digital Trends

In case you didn’t already know, AdEase has moved to a new location. We’re just a few blocks up the road in a nice, big office with plenty of parking. All the change makes me think about what the agency will be like in the future. Which makes me think about the future of media and advertising.

Augmented reality is just one thing we could see relatively soon. It’s pretty incredible. Just point your cell phone camera at a building, and text and images will magically appear – showing you what restaurants and offices occupy that address. This opens up plenty of new opportunities to reach your potential customers. You could display today’s coffee special at your new café, or offer professional photography services to people taking family photos on the beach.

But then there’s an even newer concept: augmented identity. A recent article in MIT’s Technology Review describes a product called Recognizr that uses facial recognition to display social media information about the people you see on your cell phone camera. Here’s a video that shows it in action.

This opens the door to a whole new set of debates and discussions ranging from privacy and boredom to coolness and marketing.

What do you think the future holds for augmented identity?

Credit: The Astonishing Tribe

Credit: The Astonishing Tribe

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