AP Journal #6: Inspiration, Are You There?

Jul 28, 2014  |  By Accepted Protege  |  

Any job that calls for creativity usually requires a certain level of inspiration. A while back I wrote a piece on the creative process and the issues that I personally have with it. Although the final product that comes out of a creative process is interesting. What I find more interesting than the final product itself is the inspiration behind it. Weird right? But think about it, looking at the inspiration behind something is almost like looking through a small window into the creative’s brain. In my opinion, when you peel back all the layers you find that inspiration can come from very different things that alone might seem very disconnected from what it is actually influencing. But when connected together, they harmoniously sync up and create a foundation for a solution to whatever problem needs solving.

Some gather inspiration from listening to music, others get it by looking at art. One thing is for certain, inspiration is easier to come by with a strong WiFi connection. The internet is my portal to tapping that ice cold keg of inspiration and my oh my is it fantastic. The path that usually gets me to gathering my inspiration involves an online playlist of music, a trip to my favorite art and design blogs, a couple clicks around my favorite online magazine, maybe two or three music videos, a quick visit to the Keurig machine downstairs, and finally a couple movie trailers to wash it all down. A word to the wise, make sure your path toward inspiration can be changed up or rearranged. Your brain could build up a tolerance and that inspiration can take a serious turn into a decline in productivity.


Gregory Okawachi

Copywriter AP

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