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Pinterest – the pinboard style social network has become a force in the ever-elastic social media realm. Since May of 2011, Nielsen has reported Pinterest has grown by over 2,700%. Recent reports have Pinterest driving more referral traffic to websites than Google+ and Twitter. Not to mention the quality of traffic Pinterest is driving. The popular photo sharing network is delivering $$$ for many e-commerce websites. Today we will analyze how Pinterest is creating such a buzz and the practical steps to use it productively for your social media-marketing plan.

The Basics:
Pinterest allows users to share and discover new interests by posting photos or videos (a.k.a. “pinning”). Users can either upload new content or “pin” images or videos from websites.


  • A Pin – an image added to pinterest
  • Pinboard – a group of themed images
  • Pinning – the act of visually sharing content
  • Repin – reposting someone else’s pin
  • Pin it button – a button placed on a website to enable sharing on Pinterest much easier
  • Pinner – active Pinterest user

The Pinterest Buzz:
Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social media networks ever. In about a year, Pinterest gained over 10 million monthly users. The visual elements have succeeded particularly with the female audience. 79% of active users are female.

Definitive Guide to Pinterest Success:

1. Develop a Pinterest strategy and goals
    a. Drive referral traffic
    b. Increase brand engagement
    c. Generate leads
    d. Drive sales

2. Make sure you join Pinterest as a business benefits include
    a. Access to analytics
    b. Guide to include Pinterest social signals on your business website

3. Fully create brand profile
    a. Logo as profile pic
    b. Company name
    c. Brief description
    d. Links to website and other social networks

4. Create a variety of boards
    a. Products
    b. Relevant content
    c. Key messages/images
    d. Engaging content
    e. The best Pinterest content connects a user’s lifestyle to the brand

5. The Content
    a. Post all owned relevant and engaging content to your boards
    b. Limit spammy self-promotion, but include CTA’s (call-to-actions) to encourage fans         to read blogs, visit your site or purchase products.
    c. Longer images standout more on the Pinterest home feed (try an image that is 800         pixels long)
    d. Include hashtags to tap into topical content
    e. Post video whenever possible, which is rare and often successful on the Pinterest         home feed
    f. Create infographics (easily make infographics here)
    g. Create a user generated “Pinboard” to promote brand active users

6. Gain Followers
    a. Promote your new Pinterest account on your other social networks
    b. Include “Pin It” buttons on your website
    c. Engage with other Pinners
    d. Follow relevant users and brands

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