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How To Date Your Consumer

Apr 4, 2012 | by Civilian | How To’s

All any advertiser really wants is for their message to be heard, and their requested action to be taken.  So, how do you figure out who your target is and what’s the best way to reach them?  I find it to be very similar to dating.

Here are five tips and tricks to date your demographic.

1. Know who you are.  In any relationship, it is crucial to know who you are, so you know what you have to offer the other person.  How can you know if someone is your other half, if you’re not sure what your half looks like? Have a clear brand and mission statement. Confidence is key.

2. Get to know them.  It’s ok to do your research, but try to not freak them out.  Target learned this lesson. You may know details of where they work, what they do on the weekends, and their purchasing history- but keep that to yourself, especially the first few dates/direct mailers.  Stick to asking them questions, and play it cool.  They’ll open up when they’re ready.

3. Play hard to get. Sometimes, it’s all about the challenge- the intrigue.  An example of a brand that does a great job with this tactic is Hollister.  It’s even been rumored that they train their employees to snub you like the cool kids in high school.  While normally, I would never advocate for bad customer service, it works for Hollister.  Brands can play hard to get by releasing only a limited quantity up front, creating a high demand with a limited supply, or they can position themselves as a “best kept secret.”  As in relationships, this tactic doesn’t always guarantee success, but there is something kind of irresistible about the unattainable.

4. Pursue them.  Males are designed to pursue.  They are designed to enjoy the challenge of the hunt.  Women are designed to be pursued.  We want to be sought after, we want you to take an interest, and we want to feel safe. People as a whole are built to love this concept. Show your demographic that you’re not going anywhere.  You’re here for the long haul.  An example of this, is JustFab Shoes.  They enticed me with their flashy web banners and their good looks as they visited my Facebook page.  I ignored their advances for a while, but once I looked and I liked what I saw, they wanted commitment.  They just weren’t content with a one-time fling. They wanted more than that.  A relationship.  A VIP relationship. They understand my fear of commitment, and as such do not require me to purchase shoes every month, but they will still send me thoughtful email messages to let me know that they are thinking about me, and that they will be there when I am ready to make that purchase.  It makes me feel like they really want me. They really want me.

5. Don’t let yourself go. Many relationships struggle with this.  It’s understandable.  You get comfortable with each other.  You’ve bought the flowers, you’ve worn the makeup and heels, and you’ve pulled out all the stops.  Now you’re married.  You may even have kids.  Shouldn’t your personality and essence be enough now?  Yes- but dating is still important.  You may have a very successful brand, and it could be tempting to assume that your consumer is with you forever, so why bother trying?  But everyone likes to be wooed and reminded that they are still your number one.  Send coupons, promotional emails, refresh your advertisements.  Even the most devoted Coke drinker still likes to see the cute polar bears.


Sarah Matley
Account Coordinator
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