Housing Matters

Dec 28, 2018  |  By Jessica Little  |  

Recently, Civilian had the opportunity to help Housing Matters, a San Diego County program that provides supportive housing and recovery resources to homeless San Diegans with mental illness, update their website. The primary goal was to ensure that the resources and information included on the site were accessible and easy to navigate.

While the site was full of helpful information, many portions of it were either not functioning properly or outdated, which made it frustrating and confusing to use. In an effort to create a more user-friendly experience, the content was reorganized with helpful filtering capabilities added to the gallery and resource pages. This functionality gives readers the ability to scan and locate the information relevant to their needs in a just a few seconds.

We also wanted to make the site more inviting overall. Aesthetic changes like brightening the color palette, increasing the amount of white space, and featuring more uplifting imagery help users want to spend more time on the site. These changes, along with improving the site to be more compliant with current web best practices (responsive design to be mobile-friendly), make the site look and feel much more modern.

By modernizing the site and making it easier to navigate, we hope it will be able to reach and assist a larger audience in finding the resources they need.

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