Facebook is Coming for Youtube

Dec 9, 2014  |  By Accepted Protege  |  

Are you a fan of all those little videos and clips that keep popping up all over your Facebook newsfeed? Depending on your response, I have either great or terrible news for you. Expect more videos in your near future. Many more. In a recent article from Business Insider, it was revealed that Facebook users have ushered in a huge spike in video content directly on Facebook. Where’s Youtube in all this you may ask? While Youtube is still the clear kingpin of online video content, in recent months it’s level of shared content on Facebook has hit a steady decline. This change in online activity can be attributed largely to a single move made by Facebook.



Some may love it. Some may find it annoying. Some may have not even noticed it yet. But next time you scroll through your newsfeed (desktop or mobile) and hit the inevitable video, watch for the video starting without you doing anything. It may seem like a pointless detail, but it’s already causing a massive shift in online activity. Individuals, business, and marketers alike are beginning to post all types of videos in the hopes of increasing engagement in a new way. Whereas with Youtube, one would have to pause to look at the video thumbnail image, gauge their interest, and then follow the link to watch the video, Facebook has wiped out all that critical downtime with this latest update. Now it’s just scroll and watch. And people are watching.

Isaac Maltzer

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