Earning Your Spot in My Inbox

Feb 16, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

Like many, part of my morning routine is trashing 10-15 emails clogging my inbox with offers pushing and promoting items I have no interest in. Most of these emails, which brands have spent time and effort creating, never get beyond the subject line. They’re playing the numbers game, and while sheer volume and tenacity can certainly be effective, the burnout rate, and necessity of replenishing targets/recipients is hardly efficient.

Email marketing is big business, and an important tool for every brands arsenal. But, as we’ve seen repeatedly, simply showing up is never enough. Value is the word of the day, and I’m not talking about discounts on teeth whitening or organic facials. The question for me is what value is your email providing the recipient, and how consistently are you delivering it. When a brand consistently delivers a valuable product in my inbox, I make time for it. Take Nieman Marcus.

I don’t nor can I make a habit of shopping at Nieman’s, but this fashionista can look, no? So, tempted by red bottom shoes and spring’s new printed pants, I happen to surf a lot. And dream about the day I have a personal stylist to pull together outfits that take my style to the next level.

Well, I dream no more – I have a stylist, courtesy of Nieman Marcus. But, instead of going through racks of specially selected clothes in a dressing room and paying for the service, I get it delivered to me, or rather, my inbox.

Now, I understand the inner workings of how they are putting together this “personalized” selection, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful or, shall I say, valuable. They earned the right to be in my inbox by delivering something I was initially surprised by, personal to my own style making it applicable to my life and something I now await.

And in my world where I’m constantly inundated with information overload, a brand has made themselves relevant by providing specific content that is tailored to my taste and my life, as my monthly credit card proves, and my husband can attest, it’s effective.


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