Cross-branding Worked on Me

Mar 19, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

In a bold attempt to cross-brand, Taco Bell recently introduced their latest taco invention which includes a corn tortilla made out of a Dorito’s brand corn chip. While I’ve been known to nosh the “Bell” from time to time, I try to avoid fast food and especially Mexican fast food. I mean really, I do live in San Diego, one of the best places on Earth for authentic Mexican food. But, I must admit their food strategy AND their advertising has worked on me.

While walking in my neighborhood two weekends ago, I came across the nearby Taco Bell and was immediately drawn to the vivid poster of that beautiful new taco. Hot ground beef, cool sour cream, crisp shredded lettuce and plump red tomatoes are all wrapped ever so lovingly in an eye-catching flame-colored corn tortilla. The taco itself is popping out of a Dorito’s bag. So, even from where I was standing across the street, I knew immediately what the poster was trying to communicate…that my taco innovation made from Dorito’s was awaiting me inside. I was able to resist “fourth meal” at the time, but believe me when I say, that image stuck in my mind.

A few days later, I was driving home from work and nearing that same Taco Bell, when all of a sudden the Taco Bell commercial hit the airwaves on my radio. That, coupled with the image from the poster (like a splinter in my mind) took over and I was powerless to steer away; I absolutely had to try one. “Drive-thru, here I come!”

Despite my dog-like panting and salivating, I showed some restraint at the ordering box and requested one Dorito Loco Taco Supreme, as it is so aptly named (hold the lettuce). Who can eat and drive when shredded lettuce is spilling everywhere?

While I would give Taco Bell 5 stars for their marketing creativity, I give the taco itself 3 out of 5 stars (fast food standards, of course); not the best thing on the menu, but after a night of being “over-served” at your local watering hole, it will certainly do the job.

Sherry LeCocq
Public Relations Manager
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