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Jun 15, 2009  |  By Civilian  |  

Anamoly has been turning out some really great creative for Converse for the last year. I’m not normally a Converse customer, but with the launch of this campaign I’ve really started to enjoy the brand and actually looked for converse online the other day.

These sites are seemingly completely random but all of them provide a cohesive brand feel, despite the lack of actual branding. The main page is where you can scroll through and find your favorite microsites.

• – first ever search engine spelling bee
• – girl who is apparently too hot for the male converse demo, but she provides lessons on who to get girls who are pretty and within reach
• – disturbing, yet entertaining
• – site that feels more converse to me than any of the others, same messaging as the converse TV spots available for viewing here, here and here
• – well is it?

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