AdEase Presents Digital Strategies at DHCX

Feb 22, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  

It wasn’t a particularly sunny day in the Sunshine State, but this AdEaser was glowing nonetheless. I traveled down Interstate 4 (colloquially referred to as “the I-4 parking lot”) and onto SR-528 (“The Beachline,” one of the innumerable tollways that crisscross Central Florida). Merging onto International Drive (which is famously dotted with cheap T-shirt and beach towel stores), I saw the magnificent glass and concrete tower of the Peabody poke up from behind the Orlando-Orange County Convention Center:

Once inside the conference hall, I was greeted by a touchscreen directory that pointed me to the downstairs meeting area. Before reaching the staircase, I saw projected on the wall the DHCX logo:

The floor was bustling with college and university researchers, digital media gurus, vendors, agency reps, conference organizers, champagne servers, and photographers. But I quickly found the AdEase posters just beyond the entrance. Nestled among a sea of academic posters heavy on theory and hypotheses were the AdEase presentations, focused on actual results delivered by carefully crafted integrated marketing campaigns.

The Digital Health Communication Extravaganza (DHCX) organizers were so impressed by AdEase’s work that two campaigns were featured: Healthy Works and It’s Up To Us. The presentations focused on the social media, web development, online advertising, and email marketing aspects of these full-featured accounts. Onlookers paid special attention to the results of AdEase’s research-driven strategy – increased quality site traffic, incredible campaign reach, and target audience engagement – while strolling among the myriad of posters.

DHCX Healthy Works Poster PresentationDHCX It's Up To Us Poster Presentation

I met a great deal of incredibly intelligent and capable digital health communicators at DHCX. Many are part of pioneering programs, like text message smoking cessation, and impressive research that represent innovative and creative uses of digital media in the health care industry.

It was a humbling experience and one that AdEase was proud to be part of.

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