A WISE Partnership in Mentoring

Nov 12, 2018  |  By Arthur Ebuen  |  

We got together with the San Diego chapter of Women In Sports and Events (WISE) in our shared mentorship efforts by hosting a workshop on the best practices of self-promotion through LinkedIn.

The workshop consisted of Jorge Barba starting with the how-tos of a LinkedIn profile, then later rounded out the event with a panel discussion joined by Civilian’s own Gregg ONeill (Creative Director) and Justin Palicki (Executive Experience Manager). WISE’s San Diego chapter president, Gema Deleon, hosted the discussion.

Gregg shared his personal story of how LinkedIn helped formed the relationships that eventually landed him here in San Diego from his previous position in North Carolina. His participation, sharing of content, and active engagement with other creatives, set him as a thought leader in the creative space of advertising. Only through LinkedIn’s professional social platform was Gregg able to make these virtual connections. The same connections we trusted to give him an interview and eventually have him join our agency family. Thank you, LinkedIn.

Justin is our culture guru as well as our hiring goalie. He sees LinkedIn from the perspective of the recruiter. Amongst other dos and don’ts of a person’s profile, the one big shocker Justin shared was his inability, as a recruiter, to see a person’s profile photo when they apply. He can’t see what a person looks like if they are not already a connection. This helps stop any human instinct to prejudge based on appearance. But this also highlighted Jorge’s point of making sure you nail your headline and summary. These two pieces of copy are your first impressions. Dependent on your industry, the tone and vibe needs will be different but this is what a recruiter will read first and decide if they want to know more.

Overall the event was a great collaboration for WISE and Civilian. The attendees were greeted with an opportunity to take professional headshots for their LinkedIn profile. Users of LinkedIn, from new to seasoned All Stars, found new ways to up their professional game online. It was a great night of collaboration, education, and mentorship.

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